Agri Producer was founded in 2015 in Bryne, Norway. The firms two founders have worked together for some time. Our goal is to create custom made products that will make work easier for farmers. Kristian Vinningland is an educated agronomist and has a certificate of apprenticeship in forest and agricultural mechanic. He has worked as a mechanic for many years and in sales at an agriculture dealership. He spent some years as a manager in a car workshop. From 2001. He has been a fulltime farmer with milk production and raising pigs. Kristian was instrumental in starting the tractor pulling sport in Norway. Kristian is also the architect and creator of the automatic feeding system with the base being the traditional Reime Feeding System. He received the Best New Machine award together with Ole Magnus Siqveland during the 2013 Agrovisjon 2013.
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"The work with pipeline cleaning has gone from being a two man job to a one man job." Tor Bjarte Grødem, Time


"The wireless remote control is saving me from going over to the pump tractor, often in the rain.  It is really easy when we are driving with several tractors.  It saves a surprisingly amount of time." Livar Salte, Lende

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