PTO delay stop

  This box makes it possible to run the feed mixer exactly the same way, every time, no matter who is performing the function.  Same mix every time! The PTO box makes it possible to stop the mixer even if you are away from the machine.  It is easy to use. Start the PTO on the tractor.  Adjust the time you want it to run.  Push the countdown button.  The PTO box will stop the PTO on the tractor when the countdown reaches zero. Note: If you are a new customer and do not have an Agri Producer remote control mounted, you will need the wiring for the tractor  
Customer say:
The PTO box makes it possible for someone, other than me, to mix the feed exactly the same time, even when I am away.  I have saved the cost for it a long time ago. Per Adne Skarland, Herigstad    


"The work with pipeline cleaning has gone from being a two man job to a one man job." Tor Bjarte Grødem, Time


"The wireless remote control is saving me from going over to the pump tractor, often in the rain.  It is really easy when we are driving with several tractors.  It saves a surprisingly amount of time." Livar Salte, Lende

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