Pump tractor

Remote Control Pump Tractor

  If you are hauling manure with a tank vessel, are you tired of going over to the pump tractor every time you are going to fill the tank?  Is it raining or bad weather? Is the pump driven by the tractor’s PTO and does stop or start automatically?  Wouldn’t it be convenient to use a remote control and operate the pump tractor from your transport tractor that you are sitting in? We can now offer a solution to this problem with a wireless transmitter and receiver.  The receiver is equipped with 4 relays that can operate PTO/RPM throttle   /Eks hyd valve/cylinders. The range is 100 meters
  • Transmitter/Receiver – One Button
  • Extra Transmitter
  • Transmitter/Receiver – 4 Button
  • Extra Transmitter 4 buttons
  One set of remote controls is delivered with the original pin attached on the adapters and is easily installed on the tractor’s original wiring. Adapters are available for most tractor models.  Be very specific about the tractor model.  Some models may take extended time to arrive. Step by step video: Monting of tractor wiring (Fendt) Options:
  • Panels attached on the signal cable
  • Extra signal cable to a second tractor
  • Signal cable switch in cab of John Deere
  • RPM cylinder with relay package
  • El cylinders to crans. Price is given after knowing the strength and stroke.

Remote Control for Manuel Tractor

The older tractors are often used as a pump tractor.  It may not have any electric or automatic handling.  There will be a need for more relays and buttons on the remote control to operate more functions. Operate wireless throttle/ PTO/ filling tube up and down, and may be changing between loading and mixing.  This can be solved by hydraulic/ electric/ air operated cylinders. The picture below is showing an example of 4 hydraulic cylinders.  Click to change picture or wait for the picture to change.

Covering of the pump tractor

The user of an Agri Producer remote control has all the liability and responsibility to cover up the pump tractor to prevent anyone from getting injured.  Even though the PTO safety shield is adequate, access to the pump tractor must be secured.  Together with safety officials, we recommend this type of fence is a good alternative. This type of barricade makes it possible to get the hoses through and it is possible to use the PTO button on the tractor’s rear fender as an emergency button.  An Emergency Button sign can be purchased at Agri Producer.

User Comments:

“I am using this product for driving with hose from tank vessel, or direct from manure reservoir and am very satisfied.  I am saving the soil by not having to drive over it with heavy equipment and I do not need to have an extra man to operate the tractor with the tank vessel or pump.” Kari-Andre Gjeldsvik, Gjeldsvik “At last, a product I have hoped for!” John K. Stoltz, Dale      


"The work with pipeline cleaning has gone from being a two man job to a one man job." Tor Bjarte Grødem, Time


"The wireless remote control is saving me from going over to the pump tractor, often in the rain.  It is really easy when we are driving with several tractors.  It saves a surprisingly amount of time." Livar Salte, Lende


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