Signal Extenders

The transmitter that our company offers has a range from 100m, 2km and 4km.  For most people that is sufficient. A problem may arise if there is terrain or buildings blocking the signal. A signal extender box is now available. The box receives the signal from the transmitter and then transmits it to the pump tractor receiver. The signal extender box has a range up to 1km/16 km. The box is a stand-alone device equipped with its own battery and can be placed outside anywhere. The signal extender box has two signals.  It can easily be modified with more signals.      


"The work with pipeline cleaning has gone from being a two man job to a one man job." Tor Bjarte Grødem, Time


"The wireless remote control is saving me from going over to the pump tractor, often in the rain.  It is really easy when we are driving with several tractors.  It saves a surprisingly amount of time." Livar Salte, Lende

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