Spreading with hose

Have you ever experienced a hose breakage when working with spreading manure with a hose solution?  It does happen occasionally.  It would be beneficial to have a person on the pump tractor who you could call to turn off the pressure as soon as possible.  Perhaps the person is not there or you cannot contact him by cell phone or he got visitors for a cup of coffee or, simply, is taking a nap! Here is the solution that gives you total control over the situation:  Remote control via text message from your cell phone or via a remote control device. Features: Remote control with up to a 4 km range
  • Operates PTO-RPM and cranes
  • Options to have several transmitters sending to the same receiver
  • Can easily be installed on most tractor models
  • Can be used on pump tractors to fill tank vessels
  • Can be used in all kinds of work that involves the use of a tractor while cleaning pipelines for drainage
Operation: The text receiver is operated by sending a text message from a cell phone. This is an advantage because there is no limit in distance as it only requires a mobile signal. Installing a sim card allows you to send and receive information about the job you are doing. This receiver gives you the possibility to get a text message about a high temperature or low oil pressure on the tractor. The receiver is equipped with two relays; one to operate the PTO and one to operate a cylinder. Price: 580,- EUR ex. tax.

Transmitter and Receiver:

The use of a transmitter is the most effective operation.  The advantage is that only one finger tap is required to stop the PTO on the pump tractor.  The receiver is equipped with 4 relays that can operate PTP/RPM throttle/Eks hyd valve/cylinders.
  • Transmitter with 1 button: 700,- EUR ex. tax.
  • Transmitter with 4 buttons: 800,- EUR ex. tax.
  • Transmitter with 4km range: 400,- EUR eks.mva.
One set of remote control is delivered with the original pin attached on the adapters and is easily installed on the tractor’s original wiring.  We offer adapters for most tractor models that are on today’s market.  Please give the specific model of tractor when ordering.  Orders may be delayed depending on tractor model. Step by step video: Monting of tractor wiring (Fendt) Options:
    • Panel attached on the signal cable: 80,- EUR ex.  tax.
    • Extra signal cable switch for a second tractor: 1 80,- EUR ex. tax.
    • Signal cable switch inside cab on John Deere: 80,- EUR ex. tax.  (Expensive pins)
    • RPM cylinder with relay package: 350,- EUR ex. tax.
    • El cylinders to cranes. Price will be given after knowing the strength and stroke.

Covering of the pump tractor

The user of an Agri Producer remote control has all the liability and responsibility to cover up the pump tractor to prevent anyone from getting injured.  Even though the PTO safety shield is adequate, access to the pump tractor must be secured. Together with safety officials, we recommend this type of fence is a good alternative.This type of barricade makes it possible to get the hoses through and it is possible to use the PTO button on the tractor’s rear fender as an emergency button.  An Emergency Button sign can be purchased at Agri Producer.


"The work with pipeline cleaning has gone from being a two man job to a one man job." Tor Bjarte Grødem, Time


"The wireless remote control is saving me from going over to the pump tractor, often in the rain.  It is really easy when we are driving with several tractors.  It saves a surprisingly amount of time." Livar Salte, Lende


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